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PulseCoin is a community-driven project on PulseChain that aims to help users build profit while avoiding scams.

The project provides users with templates to create their own tokens, and creation of a token will automatically distribute a certain amount of the token supply to PLSC stakers.

This approach fosters the creation of more robust and trustworthy projects and ensures that the community collectively reaps the rewards while giving a chance for creator to have real community made of PLSC stakers.

PulseCoin is a PRC20 token that was silently launched on PulseChain.

The liquidity pool for PulseCoin has been burned, and there were no sacrifices or allocations of coins to the owners or anyone else.

All coins were bought on the market, and the coin has all information updated on Dex Screener.

PulseCoin has a staking contract where users can stake their PLSC tokens to be eligible for airdrops of every newly created token in the PulseCoin factory.

Staking PulseCoin is a strategic move that can lead to continuous rewards. By holding your PLSC in the staking contract, you become part of a deflationary system designed to appreciate in value over time.

The tokenomics of PulseCoin are designed to incentivize the creation of safe and trustworthy projects, while also rewarding PLSC stakers.

Anyone can create a new token using the PulseCoin factory. To do this, they must choose from one of the available templates.

These templates ensure that the newly created token does not have any hidden features that could jeopardize future investors.

The creator of the token must agree to distribute a portion of the token supply to the PulseCoin project.

The majority of this distribution goes to PLSC stakers, in proportion to their stake. The remaining portion of the distribution may be used to create liquidity pairs with other carefully selected projects created through the PulseCoin factory.

Our end goal is, once the creator of a token has created liquidity with Pulse (PLS) and burned it, the liquidity pairing of their token and other PLSC projects becomes available. This gives the creator extra LP of the newly created token.

The liquidity that the creator provides with PLS must be slightly larger in value than the liquidity that they inherit.

The liquidity of the newly created token and other PLSC projects is just enough to give the token a price and prevent its value from fluctuating drastically.

This allows multiple projects to move in price together, catering for arbitrage and bot activity, boosting the enitre PLSC ecosystem.

By holding PLSC in the staking contract, users become part of a deflationary system that is designed to appreciate in value over time.

Unlike traditional tokens, staked PLSC ensures users a share of the tokens minted through the PulseCoin factory, directly into their wallet, in proportion to their stake.

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