Invest. Create. Earn.

For Investors $PLSC is Your Ticket to Early Access to New Token Projects. For Creators, PulseCoin Provides

Access to a Dedicated Set of Investors through Built-In Airdrop Mechanics

A Unique Toolset to Kickstart Your Project. The Ultimate Launchpad 🚀

How Does It Work?



Staking $PLSC Ensures You with Percentage of Newly Minted Tokens.


Token Factory

Create Your Own Token from Battle Proven Templates with a Kickstarter.



Connect To the Community and Bring Focus To Your Project Early. 

"A Game Changer of a Project that will Help PulseChain Thrive" Developer Hans P.

Staking Rewards

Staking your PulseCoin (PLSC) isn't just a Strategic Move; it's a Gateway to Continuous Rewards.

By holding Your $PLSC in the Staking contract, you become part of a Deflationary system. Designed to appreciate in Value over time.

Unlike traditional tokens, your Staked $PLSC ensures you a Share of the Tokens Minted through our Token Factory, directly into Your Wallet, proportional to the amount Staked.

Token Factory

Embark on the Creation of your own PRC20 tokens with the cutting-edge Token Factory at PulseCoin.

Our Dynamic platform, powered by PulseCoin (PLSC), offers a Seamless experience in Token Creation, fostering a Robust staking community through an Innovative Rewards Distribution System.

By Connecting to pulsecoin.io, you can Customize your PRC20 tokens, setting the stage for your Project's success.

The allocation to $PLSC stakers is no longer static; it's now a Flexible system that Rewards based on Staker participation, Enhancing equity and Staking incentives.

Thriving Community

A Thriving Community, Guided by the Principles of Metcalfe's Law, Increases in Worth with Its Growth.

When You create your Project with our Token Factory, you'll have a Dedicated team of Vikings by your side from the very Beginning. All stakers of $PLSC want Your project to Thrive.

The Collective Effort and Community will be one of the Kickstarter effects that can Drive Your Project Forward.

Buy PulseCoin (PLSC)

By getting your Bags of $PLSC tokens bigger and Staking them.

You will get Bigger Amount (percentage) of the Distributed projects. 

The Project Cannot be Rugged
Liquidity Pool Burned
Renounced and Verified Contract
Trusted and Secured
21M minus 18.3% Burned Supply
Soon to Be Deflationary

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